Charlie Danger
Charlie Danger

I put up this website in haste to provide a single location for people to access some resources that might be useful for my ATIA 2021 presentation.

Eyegaze is a very powerful access tool. Many people have been able to move on from using switches and appreciate the increased efficiency and less effort required for eyegaze.

But matching the right eyegaze tracker to the person’s needs, and keeping it working, can involve a lot of effort and skill.

This site will grow over time to add in some top information to users, families and professionals to ensure that people get the best out of this amazing tech.

Please feel free to add comments, submit ideas and suggest corrections!


  1. Hello, I enjoyed your presentation at ATIA. I could use some help. What types of fun eye gaze training apps or software work best for a 7 year old with poor motivation. Have you used Look to Learn?

  2. Hi, I attended your presentation at ATIA (No fuss, effective remote eye gaze assessments) and am really hoping you could share the slideshow with me. It was amazing and so much information!

    I would truly appreciate it, Thank you!

  3. Hi,
    We recently tested the Tobii Gaming Tracker 5. We know that the visual control of Windows 10 is no more compatible with the default driver provided by Tobii, but we want to check which applications are working with the Tracker 5 out of the box. And we were not deceived : many “free” applications have already done the needed modifications. Click2speak, Optikey, Millmouse, EyeMot3D are working perfectly. Just for the challenge, we also tested The Grid 3 and Snap Core… And it works !
    So, the form factor from tracker 5 is the same as pc eye 5, only the color changes.
    My questions : have you made such tests ? Do you speak about the Tobii Gaming product when working with OT ? What’s your opinion about that product ? The price difference is important, and most AT distributors pretend that it cover the cost of services… For end-users, i can accept that : most of time, they depend on their AAC device. But, for testing purpose in centers, I’m convinced that a simple gaming device can do 80% of the job.
    I am curious to read your opinion.
    Bests regards,

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