Can I share Grid 3 eye gaze devices?

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Are you working in a school or other setting where you’re sharing eye gaze systems running the popular Grid 3 software? It’s awesome software, especially for eye gaze users, but there’s one problem…

Did you know that in most circumstances you can’t have more than one calibration profile in Grid 3? That means that you can’t have more than one person using it without calibrating at the beginning of every session. Unless:

  • You use Alea Intelligaze software to change the profile before launching Grid 3
  • You are using an Irisbond tracker and you log into Windows with different users (one Windows user for each eyegaze user)
  • You’re happy to use the tracker’s mouse emulation mode and tell Grid 3 that you’re using pointer access, not gaze.

Trackers from Tobii Dynavox, Eyegaze Inc, EyeTech and the others do not support having multiple calibration profiles in Grid 3.

What if I change the user profile in Tobii Dynavox Windows Control?

Changing the user in Windows Control will not affect the calibration in Grid. The Grid uses the most recent calibration, regardless of the user selected. Also if you calibrate in Grid 3 it will automatically overwrite the most recent Windows Control calibration. Watch out!

What if I have multiple users in Grid 3?

They all use the same calibration profile. If you re-calibrate one it’ll re-calibrate the others!

I’ve been calibrating every time anyway.

Good. If your device is not in a fixed position (such as mounted to a wheelchair) then changes in the distance between the user and the device will affect the calibration accuracy. So in this situation it is probably best to recalibrate for each session, to ensure optimum accuracy. But some people struggle with the calibration process, so it isn’t practical to repeat it every time.

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